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Getting everyone on board

Claire Walters, Chief Executive of Bus Users and newly appointed Disability and Access Ambassador for buses, believes that making transport fully accessible improves the experience for all passengers  Read more

National Disability Strategy

Ahead of the appointment of 12 Disability and Access Ambassadors, Government launched its new National Disability Strategy which was cautiously welcomed by Bus Users as a 'step in the right direction' Read more

Decarbonising transport not the solution

Following launch of the new Decarbonisation Transport Plan, we once again called on Government to disincentivise private car use and prioritise shared, active and public transport Read more

Inclusive design

In a guest blog for Altro, Dawn Badminton-Capps explores the powerful impact of design in overcoming barriers to travel, and improving the mental wellbeing of bus passengers Read more

Tackling Scotland's congestion

Scotland's Bus Partnership Fund has awarded over £20million to eight partnerships in its first round of funding designed to tackle the negative impact of congestion on bus services Read more

Reconnecting people

A report from Better Transport says reinstating lost rail and bus links and ensuring local authorities have the funds and skills to run good transport networks are key to reconnecting 'left behind' communities Read more

Keep moving

The Traffic Commissioners' annual report highlights their efforts to protect services during the pandemic, including relaxing notice periods for bus service registrations so operators could respond swiftly to the crisis Read more

Making the change

Community Rail Network has set out strategies for encouraging modal shift including local engagement activities, campaigns and modal integration projects that respond to local needs Read more

Mixed messages

The rules on face coverings vary in the UK - in Wales and Scotland they're mandatory and in England, most bus passengers are being asked to wear them if they can. Wherever you travel remember to #BeBusKind

The real cost of going electric

A BBC article makes the case that expenditure on new roads and encouraging electric car ownership will increase congestion and embedded emissions, and slow journey times for everyone Read more

Trust the science

Improving travel information, better-designed buses and infrastructure and quieter, calmer, less crowded journeys break down barriers to travel, particularly for people with mental health conditions Read more

Lessons on loneliness

In a report on loneliness post-Covid, the Campaign to End Loneliness has highlighted the importance of buses, not just as a way to connect people to places and activities, but as a space in their own right to meet and greet each other Read more

Better by bus

Bus travel in North Wales just got a lot easier for passengers who can buy a 1bws ticket on their first journey of the day, and use it for the whole day on bus services across the region Read more

Changing behaviour

In order to 'embed sustainable travel behaviour', free bus travel is being extended to Scotland's under-22s, who will join the one third of the population already eligible including the under-19s, over-60s and people with disabilities Read more

Sparking debate

The US Center for Human Rights and Global Justice says deregulation in England has delivered 'expensive, unreliable and dysfunctional' services that the National Bus Strategy will fail to address Read more

Thank you

This tweet to Traveline Cymru and First Cymru shows the vital importance of great customer care: "Just want to say big thank you. I was so nervous coming back on the bus since Covid and you helped a lot, not just with bus times but making me feel at ease".

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