Welsh Government Transport Delivery Plan

Bus Users responds to Transport Delivery Plan for Wales 2022-2027

Bus Users has submitted its response to the Transport Delivery Plan from Welsh Government for 2022/27.

Barclay Davies, Bus Users Director for Wales, says that while the Welsh Transport Strategy document published in 2021 was ambitious, the Transport Delivery Plan for 2022/27 doesn’t go far enough to tackle congestion, achieve decarbonisation targets and facilitate modal shift.

The official response to ‘Llwybr Newydd’, also raised concerns about the lack of reference to the coach industry: “Bus services have an important role to play in tackling congestion and achieving decarbonisation targets but so, too, do coaches. It is therefore disappointing that, other than a brief mention under a review of the ‘Learner Travel Measure’, coaches are not mentioned within the document.”

The consultation response also highlighted the need for funding and the prioritisation of buses against the backdrop of challenges currently facing operators in Wales.

Read the submission in full Transport Delivery Plan for Wales 2022-2027

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