Front cover of Roadmap to Bus Reform featuring people on board a bus

‘Realistic’ Roadmap for Bus Reform from Welsh Government & Transport for Wales

Bus passenger champion, Bus Users UK has described the ‘Roadmap to Bus Reform’ from Welsh Government and Transport for Wales as ‘realistic’ given the current funding environment. The report sets out year on year targets for delivering bus service franchising.

While most passengers are neutral on the regulatory framework for bus services, the report recognises the vital role buses play in a country where 19.4% of households are without access to a car. It also acknowledges the barriers to travel that exist for many people, particularly around reliability, confusing ticketing options and information that can be hard to find.

75% of public transport journeys are made by bus and decisions about buses disproportionally affects women and people who are disabled, older, younger, Black, Asian or from minority ethnic backgrounds, as well as those in low paid or insecure work, something also acknowledged in the report.

In his Foreword, Deputy Minister for Climate Change Lee Waters MS says: “A better bus network is a necessity if we are to hit our ambitious sustainability goals. If we want fewer people using their car, we need to change the current bus network. We need to drastically increase the number of people using the bus to make the network environmentally and economically sustainable.”

Welcoming the report, Barclay Davies, Bus Users UK Director for Wales said: “Bus services will not change overnight so it is helpful to manage expectations and outline the key milestones that will be delivered between now and 2035. We are pleased to see recognition of the barriers faced by many people when it comes to accessing services and the promise to engage with, and listen to passengers to build the best possible network.

“There is a realistic recognition that funding is an ongoing challenge meaning that changes can only be made incrementally when funding is available. We look forward to starting this journey to improved services and ensuring that the voices of passengers are heard at every stage.”

Read the report in full Roadmap to Bus Reform 2024

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