Graphic asking people to share photos of their favourite bus window views

Let’s get back on board and celebrate what we’ve missed about bus travel

After more than a year of travel restrictions, we want to celebrate one of the best things about getting back on board the bus – the view from the window.

From Monday 17 May, to coincide with the further easing of restrictions, we’re asking people to share their favourite bus-window-views. Whether it’s the open countryside of a day trip, or the city skyline of our regular commute, nothing offers quite the same opportunity to enjoy our surroundings as bus travel.

Dawn Badminton-Capps, Director of Bus Users England, wants to see what we’ve been missing: “Our bus windows take in some fantastic sights, and travelling by bus gives us the time and the space to really enjoy them.

“2020 has been incredibly challenging and being able to travel freely means we can get back to our daily lives whether that’s work, education or lunch out with friends. Travelling by bus takes all the hassle out of the journey so we’re celebrating being able to sit back and enjoy the view.”

Share your pictures using #ilovemybus and let’s get back on board!



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