Male coach driver sat behind the steering wheel

Thanks driver! How a little kindness can make a world of difference

A member of the team at Bus Users UK shares praise for a Stagecoach Express driver and a ‘job well done’


Early one morning in the run up to Christmas I thought I’d grab a quick coffee at Glenrothes Bus Station before heading to the concourse to catch the 9.10am X59 service into Edinburgh.

Unfortunately, the X59 had developed a serious fault and I arrived just as the driver was directing passengers to board a double decker. Along with all the other Express passengers I joined the queue which now included a few younger people with large suitcases (I’m guessing they were destined for Ferrytoll to transfer to a 747 airport service). Their luggage was dutifully retrieved from one vehicle ready to join them on the new one.

When it was their turn to board, they loaded their cases into the wheelchair bay and moved to their seats. Meanwhile an older passenger had joined the queue behind me in a motorised wheelchair so I made my way to the driver’s door to let him know that a waiting passenger would need the space. The driver thanked me and told me to ask the passenger to go to the front of the queue while he went and asked the already boarded passengers to move their luggage out of the wheelchair space.

That done, he deployed the ramp to make sure the passenger in the wheelchair could board safely before taking the time to explain her travel options. The passenger decided to stick with the double decker and by 9:48am with all remaining travellers on board, we were off.

It’s so easy to underestimate the value of a bus driver but this one really demonstrated his worth in what could easily have been a difficult situation. He was professional, informative, helpful and courteous to all his passengers and made sure that everyone was able to travel safely and comfortably.

I’ve shared this experience and the name of the driver with Stagecoach Express and they’ve assured me he’ll receive a commendation for a job extremely well done.

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