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Bus Users submission to the Spending Review: investment in buses good for society

In our submission to the Comprehensive Spending Review, we are calling for investment in bus services as good for communities, good for the economy, and good for society.

The key points of our representation are that:

  • Bus users are crucial to the UK’s economic recovery, creating more than £64 billion worth of goods and services and accounting for 29% of all city centre expenditure
  • Reliable, affordable bus services ensure young people, people in rural communities and people on a constrained income can access employment, education and training
  • Buses ensure that isolated people, particularly the young and elderly, can leave their homes and lead fulfilling lives, reducing the burden on health and social care budgets
  • The bus offers a sustainable alternative to private cars, improving personal health through active travel and reducing pollution and congestion
  • Investing in bus services is therefore good for the economy, good for the communities who rely on them, and good for society as a whole.

You can read our submission in full

Representation to the Comprehensive Spending Review 2020

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