Giant red hand through window of bus

Catch the Bus Month 2022 in photos from across the UK

speakers at the launch of catch the bus month 2022

Photo: David Mirzoeff

claire haigh passes the baton of catch the bus month to claire walters of bus users

Photo: David Mirzoeff

barclay davies with the team from cardiff bus in wales the team from passenger supporting catch the bus month Somerset Bus Partnership stall in Yeovil cllr bronwen brooks, cabinet member for sustainable places celebrating in barry a lothian pride bus in glorious rainbow technicolour A crowd with red hands in Churchill Square brighton for catch the bus month in paisley for catch the bus month with mcgills west taunton bus during catch the bus month with the slogan 'bus it, you know it makes sense' Passenger, an organisation promoting sustainable shared transport as part of catch the bus month caroline lucas mp on a brighton & hove bus caroline lucas waving from window of brighton & hove bus caroline wilson of intuitive recruitment waving giant red hand in front of red london buses team from centrebus sporting giant red hands bus users and newport bus celebrating catch the bus month Dawn and Vic from Bus Users celebrate the launch of Catch the Bus Month with a giant red hand chard bus user group waving the red hands a walking bus in glastonbury swindon borough councillor gary sumner supporting swindon bus co Greig Mackay holding giant red hands for Catch the Bus Month dog gets on board a zero emissions bus for paws at the palace with @LoveMyBus a man on a mobility scooter and a woman waving giant red hands gideon amos obe joined catch the bus month in taunton bus users group stevenage in fancy dress to promote a petition to improve local services family in stevenage town centre for catch the bus month transport north east and go north east with dawn badminton-capps celebrate catch the bus month a couple in front of a catch the bus month named bus with red hands team from citylink scotland showcasing giant red hands sketch of 3 buses by artist cassandra harrison celebrating lothian buses during catch the bus month go north east launches new fleet of electric vehicles with bus users dawn badminton-capps Fleet of all electric buses launched by go north east and transport north east stagecoach south wales open day with father and son holding giant red hands barclay davies with giant red hands in front of a bus users named cardiff bus a bus users virtual team meeting with giant red hands being waved Giant red hand through window of bus
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