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Making public transport safer: A deep dive into Bus Users UK’s 5 point action plan

In a guest article for PACTS (Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety) we took a closer look at our campaign to ‘Make public transport even safer’. In their introduction, PACTS outlined their vision for a public transport system in which all users feel safe.

The Government is supporting safe transport with the extension of the £2 single-fare price cap for all bus journeys to the end of 2024. Taking a journey by bus is one of the least harmful and least dangerous means of travelling by road. PACTS report, ‘What kills most on the roads?’ highlights this in the context of collisions involving all means of road transport. An increasing number of local authorities are franchising bus services. In London, that means that bus safety is integrated into TfL’s strategy for achieving zero fatalities on their network by 2030.

However, PACTS vision of a safe transport system is wider than one where users are safe from injury resulting from a collision. We are working toward “A transport system… in which all users feel safe”. Often safety concerns relate to personal safety. In this guest article, Claire Walters, Chief Executive of Bus Users UK, explains how the campaign ‘Making public transport even safer’, produced by Bus Users UK and Women in Transport is aimed at improving safety for passengers.”

Read the article in full Making Public Transport Safer

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