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It’s back! This September is Catch the Bus Month 2022

We’re calling on operators, local authorities, passenger groups and community transport providers to get on board for ‘Catch the Bus Month’ this September.

This will be the first year Bus Users has hosted the campaign since Greener Journeys handed over the baton in 2020. While many people have now returned to schools, offices and social events, bus passenger numbers have remained below pre-pandemic levels.Catch the Bus Month September 2022

‘Catch the Bus Month’ is celebrating the bus as a sustainable, inclusive and accessible form of transport that reduces congestion, improves air quality and provides access to life’s opportunities.

Launching the campaign our Chief Executive, Claire Walters, said: “As life returns to normal we want people who used to travel by bus to get back on board. Research has consistently shown that buses are safe, despite what Government messaging said during the pandemic.”

Claire is also calling on people who have never tried the bus to give it a go: “Most people would be surprised at what the bus has to offer now in terms of technology, comfort, affordability and accessibility. All buses should provide low-floor access and most now offer free Wifi, ticketing and real-time information apps, on-board audio-visual announcements and well-trained drivers who are on-hand throughout the journey to offer help and support.

“Catch the Bus Month is a great opportunity to promote the social, economic and environmental benefits of bus travel and protect services for the future.”

Claire Haigh, former Chief Executive of Greener Journeys who launched the original campaign in 2013 said: “I am delighted that Bus Users is hosting Catch the Bus Month.  As life returns to normal there is so much to celebrate about the bus. The bus is such a powerful tool for bringing communities together and tackling loneliness, and switching from car to bus is one of the best ways we can reduce pollution and support our economy.”

Throughout the month we will be attending and supporting face-to-face and virtual events, social media campaigns and partnerships with charities, transport bodies and passenger groups. Anyone interested in taking part can email Bus Users on catchthebus@bususers.org

Visit Catch the Bus Month to find out more

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