English and Welsh Catch the Bus Month 2023 logos

Catch the Bus Month 2023 is now officially underway!

Graphic saying 'we're on board for catch the bus month'


This year’s Catch the Bus Month run by passenger champion Bus Users UK is officially underway with support from operators, government, transport bodies, charities and local groups. The aim is to get more people on board by showcasing the huge benefits of bus travel with campaigns, promotions, giveaways and events being run across England, Scotland and Wales.

As well as improving our physical health buses reduce loneliness and isolation. Pre-pandemic, they contributed £64 billion annually to the UK economy and switching just one journey a month to bus would mean 1 billion fewer car journeys, lowering pollution and freeing up town and city centres.

Launching this year’s Catch the Bus Month, Chief Executive of Bus Users UK Claire Walters said: “Buses are the lifeblood of local communities and a force for good when it comes to cleaning our air, reducing congestion, boosting the economy and giving people access to life’s opportunities.

“They’re also a great way to travel with easy access, on-board technology and the opportunity to sit back and enjoy the journey. The pandemic had a devastating impact on passenger numbers so this September we’ll be celebrating these amazing services and encouraging people to get people back on board.”

The campaign website has all the latest news and details of local events along with a free-to-download Partner Pack full of ideas, resources and signposts for support. Anyone wanting to take part or order some of the famous giant red hands can contact the team at Bus Users UK on 0300 111 0001 email catchthebus@bususers.org

To find out more visit Catch the Bus Month 2023 or follow us on X (Twitter) and Facebook


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