people gathered in Churchill Square in front of a B&H Bus

Brighton & Hove Buses bring people together for Catch the Bus Month

An image of people next to a bus at Churchill Square.


Brighton & Hove Buses brought together an impressive group of operators, local authorities and charities for their Catch the Bus Month street event in Churchill Square, Brighton.

Representatives  joined them from Bus Users, Brighton and Hove County Council, Stagecoach South East, the Big Lemon, Compass Travel, Brighton Bus Watch, Possability People and, of course, Brighton & Hove Buses.

Victoria Garcia, Accessibility and Communities Manager at Brighton & Hove Buses and Metrobus, applauded their efforts in an email sent to all those who took part:

I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who took the time to join us yesterday – your knowledge, expertise and overall enthusiasm was amazing.┬á

This was all made possible by the great work of Bus Users UK in organising and promoting Catch The Bus Month. We were really fortunate to have their Chief Executive, Claire Walters join us for the whole day, speaking with passengers and stakeholders. The results of their efforts to promote bus travel during Catch the Bus Month are evident across social media.

We were also really fortunate to have the Chief Executive of Possability People, Geraldine De Moulins, and their amazing Shop Mobility representative, Mick, who was there to promote the advantages of travelling by bus on a mobility scooter and to offer Information and support to disabled people. I highly recommend visiting their website to see all the amazing work they do.

We know from the people we spoke to on the day that they really appreciated everyone being together and in-person so they could ask questions, get information and offer feedback and suggestions of their own.

All the feedback received will be shared anonymously within the group in order to improve services for everyone.
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