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Bus Users UK launches 2023 Accessibility Audit to ‘raise the bar’ on inclusion

Bus Users UK is calling on coach and bus operators across the UK to take part in this year’s survey of transport accessibility.

The charity is building an annual snapshot of the work being done to improve access to transport with the findings shared among passengers, disability groups, operators and the wider industry. The aim is to highlight best practice, innovation and encourage operators to think more inclusively when planning and designing services.

One of the main conclusions of last year’s survey was that improving access doesn’t necessarily mean costly design and high-tech. Requiring drivers to pull into every stop where there are waiting passengers makes a huge difference if you are unable to signal, and printing timetables and accepting cash payments ensures people without a bank account or internet access are still able to travel.

Other features such as audio-visual announcements, driver awareness training and better designed on-board space improve the journey for everyone.

Launching this year’s survey, Dawn Badminton-Capps Bus Users Director for England said: “Bus passenger numbers fell dramatically during the pandemic and government messaging not to use public transport along with changing work patterns have meant numbers have failed to return to previous levels.

“If we are to protect services, meet decarbonisation targets, deliver on BSIPs and achieve the Government’s levelling up agenda, it’s more important than ever to encourage more people on board. To do that we need to raise the bar on inclusion and access so that buses become a viable and attractive option for everyone.”

The Accessibility Audit will be live throughout March 2023

Bus Users UK Accessibility Audit 2023

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