Cyclists by a pond in Glasgow

Making the case for public, shared and active travel in Glasgow

We’ve made the case for the equitable sharing of road space in Glasgow with the priority given to buses and active travel.

Greig Mackay, Bus Users UK Director for Scotland, took part in Glasgow City Council’s recent consultation on its Active Travel Strategy 2022-31 which is looking to deliver around 60 miles of active travel networks in the inner north and south areas of the City.

The focus of the Strategy is how active travel contributes to climate and the environment, health and wellbeing, inclusion and equality, and wealth and inclusive growth.

We are urging the Council to take bold steps to reduce private car use and either remove or limit parking to free up space for other road users, including buses.

We are calling for buses to have priority at junctions and traffic lights, including filter lanes where necessary, in order to speed up journey times and improve service reliability. We also want to see more space for cycle lanes which should be kept separate from bus stops wherever the road layout allows.

Find out more about Glasgow’s Active Travel Strategy

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