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Rights & Accessibility

We believe everyone should have the right to fair treatment and equal access when travelling

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When it comes to making transport inclusive and accessible, we’re here for you

Whether you’re planning a journey or you think you may have been unfairly treated by a bus or coach operator, you should know your rights.

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My journey was delayed or cancelled

Depending on the length of your journey and the delay, you could be entitled to ‘adequate assistance’ (snacks/drinks/meals), accommodation, reimbursement or even compensation.

I’m disabled and have been refused travel

As long as it’s safe for you to travel, operators can’t refuse you transport or charge you extra on the grounds of disability or restricted mobility.

My belongings were lost or damaged

If an operator or terminal is responsible, you should be reimbursed for the full cost of repair or replacement. Always check the operator’s T&Cs before you travel.

I want to apply for a concessionary bus pass

If you are an older person or registered disabled you could be eligible for a concessionary bus pass. Find out more Public transport and bus passes

I need to know if my wheelchair will fit on board

Regulated public service vehicles are designed to accommodate a ‘reference wheelchair’ which covers most sizes. Find out more and check the measurements Wheelchair access

I have to travel with my mobility scooter

Currently there is only a voluntary code of practice for transporting mobility scooters so check with your operator before you travel. Find out more CPT Guide to Mobility Scooters

I have an assistance animal

Travelling with an assistance animal is considered a ‘reasonable adjustment’. So as long as the animal is well behaved, you should be allowed to travel and you don’t have to provide certification. If you can, check with the operator before you travel. Find out more Guidance on travelling with an assistance animal

I need help with a complaint

If you have a complaint about a journey outside of London or Northern Ireland and you’ve already contacted the operator we can help

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Bus Users – here to help

If you have a complaint about a journey by bus or coach, or you’d like more information on your rights as a passenger, we can help.

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Everything you need to know about bus and coach travel at the click of a button – from planning a journey to making a complaint

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