With your help we’re working to drive up standards in bus travel for the millions of people who make bus journeys each day.

Help make it happen

Here are just some of the things you can do to improve bus services:

  • Use your local bus and try a new route every so often, just to see how it compares to other ways of getting about.
  • Tell us the three favourite things about your bus or coach.
  • Tell us the three worst things about your bus or coach.
  • Tweet us your pics of people having fun on a bus (and keep it clean please!) @BusUsersUK
  • Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and blog about your bus experiences.
  • Tell your local bus company what you think of their service, whether it’s good, bad or indifferent. You could even join a local bus passenger panel if your local bus company has one and if not, suggest setting one up.
  • Have a family day out using your local bus or coach service. Young children especially love being on buses and it’s often much cheaper and less frustrating than going by car. You don’t even have to find and pay for a parking space.
  • The next time you hear someone rant about sitting in traffic in their car watching buses whizzing past in the bus lanes, point out the obvious - that they could be on the bus instead.
  • Tell us about your bus or coach experiences, good or bad, and any lovely or lousy bus drivers who deserve a mention. 
  • If you’ve had good service from a driver or the staff of a bus company tell them and email their company (cc Bus Users please). You’ll make their day and encourage other staff to be equally nice.
  • Talk to other bus users to see how your local services could be improved.
  • Why not adopt your local bus stop? If your bus stop is neglected and run down then find out from your local bus company who’s responsible for its maintenance. It’s often the Local Authority so make it a regular habit to let them know when anything goes wrong. You can even get involved in clearing it up and making it look beautiful - as long as you don’t block its use or cover up the information. 
  • Sign up for free as a supporter and help make the voice of bus passengers even louder. 
  • If you have the time you could even volunteer at one of our ’Your Bus Matters’ or ’Your Coach Matters’ events across the UK, helping members of the public to have their say where it counts.
  • And use it or lose it. We all need to make the most of our local bus services because if we don’t, they’ll simply stop running them.