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We need fairer, better transport for all, not just for drivers, says coalition of charities

Bus Users UK is part of an alliance of eight leading transport charities and NGOs that has responded to speculation that the PM will introduce a ‘plan for motorists’ and called instead for fairer, better, greener transport that works for everyone and protects our climate.

The Sustainable Transport Alliance is pointing to evidence showing how developing public and community transport, walking, wheeling and cycling, and shared mobility – with local communities in control of the change we need – creates fairer access to opportunity, and enables people to make journeys that are better for our communities, our health and wellbeing, and our climate.

“Between our organisations, we work with and support thousands of communities across the UK that are striving for cleaner air, safer streets, and good transport options that serve local people well and protect our climate. We need to empower communities more, not take away control, especially when it comes to creating greener, better transport. Having good quality, joined-up and affordable public, community and shared transport, while ensuring we can all walk, wheel and cycle freely, and ultimately get to the opportunities and places we want – this is what people want and need. And it’s critical to tackling the climate emergency. We need a plan to make that a reality, not to undermine the ability of communities to make positive changes that are important to local people and our future.”

Key facts:

· Nearly three in 10 UK adults don’t have access to a car, while nearly half of low-income households (45%) are non-car-owning;

· Improving public and community transport, active travel and shared mobility options widens access to jobs, training and leisure, while helping to cut traffic congestion, air pollution, noise and road danger;

· Transport is the UK’s biggest contributor to the climate crisis, and emissions have refused to fall due to a long-term trend of increasing traffic, which is set to rise further. Making more of our journeys by rail, bus, active and shared transport means cutting carbon rapidly, as well as improving public health and boosting local economies.

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