Blackett Street bus closure plans a threat to business in Newcastle

With plans underway to close Blackett Street permanently to buses, research has shown a significant fall in sales in Newcastle City Centre following the road closures of 2019.

The report, commissioned by Stagecoach, assessed the impact of temporary closures on retail sales in the City. It found that average weekly sales fell by 7% with the greatest impact at weekends, falling by 11% on Sundays and 15% on Saturdays.

Dawn Badminton-Capps, Director of Bus Users England believes permanent road closures would be devastating for the area: “Buses make a major contribution to local economies and, as we move out of lockdown, they are leading the charge in our post-Covid recovery.

“Rather than banning them, Newcastle City Council should be actively encouraging people to get back on board so we can build a green and sustainable future for Newcastle.”

Read the report in full

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