Catch the Bus Month Template Press Release

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To make things easy, we’ve produced a template press release which you can tailor to your activities or events around Catch the Bus Month. You can find more facts and figures to support your campaign in CPT’s factsheet included in the Partner Pack.

If you don’t have any local media contacts then a quick Google search will identify radio and newspapers in your area. Social media is also a great (and free) way to promote your activities. Your local press and individual journalists are likely to have Twitter accounts so make sure you tag them in to your posts.

The following template is a guide only so feel free to adapt it so that it reflects your own style and brand, and make sure you send a copy to so we can share your story.

If you’re planning an event and it’s appropriate, invite your press contacts and make sure someone is on-hand to take good quality, high res photos.

And feel free to attach any of our logos, graphics or posters from the Partner Pack.

[Insert name] is celebrating Catch the Bus Month 2022


This September is Catch the Bus Month run by Bus Users UK and [your organisation’s name] is celebrating with [title of event/activity]

[Give full details here including times, dates and location where relevant. Be clear about your call-to-action ie what you want people to do in response and include a web address or Facebook group where people can go to register their interest or find out more]

[Use this paragraph to include a quote from a senior member of your team explaining why you are taking part in Catch the Bus Month and what you hope to achieve]

Buses reduce congestion, improve air quality and provide access to life’s opportunities. One of the most sustainable forms of transport, a double-decker bus can take up to 75 cars off the road and switching just 1 journey in 25 to the bus would save 2 million tonnes of CO2 emissions.

Buses also reduce social isolation and improve health and wellbeing. Claire Walters, Chief Executive of Bus Users UK the charity behind Catch the Bus Month said: “Buses make a huge contribution to all our lives socially, economically and environmentally. They are also a lifeline for communities providing access to education, work, healthcare, shops and leisure. We want to see more people get on board this September to protect these vital services for future generations.”

For more information [add in a phone number, email address and/or website]

To find out more about Catch the Bus Month visit or email

[Contact number for press enquiries]


[Include any relevant information here about your organisation]

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